Anchor Alert

Let's you sleep at night

Anchor Alert

Reports by sound and light signal if your boat reaches a configurable distance from your anchor position.

Anchor Alert

(1) The anchor symbol shows the anchor position which is the position where the anchor alert has been started.

(2) Your boats current position.

(3) Circle of the alert distance.

(4) Configure the alert distance pushing at button 4.

(5) Choose your alert ringtone.

(6) Test the alert and the whole device wakeup process. 10 seconds after pressing this button an alert is simulated. You should switch your device off and see if the wakeup works as expected.

(7) Start and stop watching the anchor position.

(8) Current distance from anchor (here 6 m) and configured alert distance (here 30 m).

(9) Your current geocoordinates and the gps accuracy.

Tap at the map to center it to the anchor's position.

For Android 10 and greater the app window can't be sent to the foreground any more, due to system restrictions. Anyway the sound is played in the background. Please bring the app to the foreground by pressing the anchor alert notification and stop the alert.

Warning: The anchor alert does not replace the deck guard. It must only be used supportive. Apart from hardware limitations the Android operating system may also interrupt background processes as anchor alarm is. This will prevent Anchor Alert from working as expencted.

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