Track your trips


Tracking allows you to store the geocoordinates as well as the speed and bearing of your trip. You can start or stop tracking in the navigation drawer:


There are three modes:

Regatta (7) - mode stores your position every 30 seconds, while the distance to the last position must be at least 10 meters. The location is not stored if the accuracy is not at least 10 m. By this a lot of data is produced and a lot of battery consumed, so this mode only fits for few hours.

Daysail (8) stores your position every 2 minutes while the distance to the last position must be at least 20 meters, as well as the accuracy must be less than 20 m. This mode is suitable if you sail next to the coast and need detailed data.

Cruising (9) takes the data every 10 minutes if your position has changed for at least 20 meters. Use this mode if you want just an overview for your trip or if you are sailing far from the coast.

Tracking continues running in the background as long as the phones gps-sensor is active. You can also stop tracking by pointing at the notificaition shown in the notification selection of your phone. If the notification is not shown tracking is no longer running, possibly beeing stoppend by the android operating system.

Background Service

When not using your phone for a certain time the system will go into a battery-save-mode and stop all applications and background services, including tracking. To deal with this problem grant background permissions and Battery Optimization.

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