Paid improvements


The shop offers product to enhance or improve your boating experience. To buy products you need a valid google play account which should be present if you installed boatspeed from google play store.

After 14 days, ads will appear in the app. If you would like to use the app without advertisement, you have the following options:

One year ad-free

Removes all ads from the app for one year. The app then has more space on the screen and is easier to read. The price is about 2 euro depending on your country and currency.

Ad-free forever

Permanently removes ads from Boatspeed. About 8 euro depending on your country and currency.

Other products:

More and more accurate maps

Providing worldwide maps consumes a lot of resources, so we have to charge a fee. In addition to Openstreetmap and the mobile optimized map, you also get a satellite view, a topographic map and the Hike and Bike Map. All paid maps are delivered in better resolution than in the free version. Maps are about 3 euro a year depending on your country and currency.

Open Streetmap (free)

Open Streetmap

Mobile Optimized Map (free)

Mobile Optimized Map

Sattelite Map (paid)

Sattelite Map

Topographic Map (paid)

Topographic Map

Hike and Bike Map (paid)

Hike and Bike Map

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