Data protection declaration for the app Boatspeed

Data protection declaration for the app Boatspeed

About this app

The Boatspeed app supports boaters by displaying speed and course and other data from the trip, through route planning and tracking, through a function for tracking starts at regattas and helping with anchor watch.

Hans Joachim Herbertz makes the Boatspeed app available free of charge as an advertising-based app. All functions of the app can be used to their full extent in the free version. Advertising can be hidden and better maps can be purchased via in-app purchases.

The app is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind for any damage resulting from the installation or use of the app to devices or equipment or persons. You use the app at your own risk. Hans Joachim Herbertz is not liable for damages associated with the use of the app.

App data usage


Access to precise location data is required to display trip data such as speed, course and position, tracking and anchor alarm. Permission to access precise location data is requested in the app and must be granted for the app to function correctly.

Background Location

The tracking and anchor alarm functions require access to the location data in the background, i.e. when the app is not visible on the screen. Permission to access the location data in the background is requested in the app. Without granting this permission it is possible that the mentioned functions do not work correctly.

Save location data

Tracking and anchor alarms store location data on the device on which the app is installed. This location data includes position, speed, course and time. The data only remains on the device and is deleted when the app is uninstalled. They can also be deleted through user action. The data will not be shared with any other device and or service.

Personal Data

Personal data such as name, address, email address or telephone number are not collected. The app has no knowledge of it and does not request it.

Use of third party services

Advertising and Usage Data

The following services are used to display advertising and to collect usage data, in particular errors that occur:

You can find the data protection information for these services under the links provided.


The app makes it possible to display maps from different manufacturers on the device. The maps are downloaded from the Internet and temporarily saved on the device. When the maps are loaded, no data is sent to the map provider that can be used to identify or assign the app or the individual user.


The app refers to third-party offers through links, in particular to the licenses of the software libraries used. No data is transmitted. Hans Joachim Herbertz assumes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the linked pages.

Children's privacy

This offer is not aimed at people under 13 years of age.


If you have any questions about this data protection declaration or the app in general, please contact me at the address given under Contact.