Tracking Map

Your voyage history

Tracking Map

The tracking-map shows the recorded tracks. It uses OpenSeaMap. You may choose between different base maps in the settings dialog, for additional maps have a look at the shop.

Currently the following data is stored: Time, position latitude and longitude, speed, bearing. The distance value of a waypoints in track is calculated when showing.


The main view shows your tracking data of one or several days. The selected days are shown in the title section (1).

Tracking fetches some waypoint names in the background and stores them as waypoint labels. To learn how to add or remove labels see below.


At the bottom some statistical information of your track is given (2), as start time, end time, time spent, top speed (speed), and average speed (avg). You may wipe at the top section to move to your next / previous track or use the buttons on both sides the field.

Main Menu

The edit button (3) opens a popup menu that lets you edit your track. The things you can do with tracks:

Main Menu

  1. Choose one or more days to show,
  2. change the "view mode",
  3. export or backup your data,
  4. delete the shown track
  5. close the dialog withoud doing anything.
  6. The main menu also opens by long tapping at the map. You may then also share the position of the location you tapped at (6).

Choose Date

Reach this dialog (1) from the main menu or by long tapping at the stats view at the bottom.

This dialog lets you choose one or more dates to be shown. The gray ones can't be selected because there is no data. The blue ones are choosen. Notice the REMOVE SELECTION Button to clear your selection.

Choose Date

Press OK to close the dialog and have the selected dates shown.

2 View Mode

Open this dialog form the main menu. You can switch to the next viewmode by double tapping at the map.

There are five view modes that show different narkers at the map:

  1. Symbol shows the waypoints as little circles
  2. Speed shows the speed as waypoint label.
  3. Distance indicates the distance
  4. Time gives the hour of day
  5. and Label shows your custom labels or comments.

View Mode

All markers except Labels are only shown when you zoom in. When you tap on a waypoint an infowindow with is shown, giving your course, speed, distance, time and position.

Format and units are shown as configured in the settings dialog.

When you tap on the infowindow bubble another menu opens that lets you perform actions on that waypoint:

  1. Delete the waypoint
  2. Delete all waypoints to this point
  3. Delete all from this waypoint
  4. Share opens the share dialog where you also can show this location in Google Maps
  5. Edit comment. Tap here to enter a comment that is shown in the Label view.

Edit Waypoint

You can also enter comments directly by tapping at a waypoint in the Label view.

3 Export / Backup / Restore

  1. Export to CSV lets you store the data of the current map to csv for the use with for example MS Excel.
  2. Export GPX exports a GPX track to your phone for the use with other software.
  3. Export as image exports a jpeg of the current view.
  4. Share track stats copies the track stats from the bottom of that view to another app you choose.
  5. Backup stores all tracking data of all days to a zip - file.
  6. Restore restores a backup. Restore overwrites data on the device with the backup but lets data of newer or older tracks that are on the device but not in the backup file unchanged.

Export Backup

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