Boatspeed Components Overview


Main Menu

From the navigation drawer you reach all components of BoatSpeed:

Navigation Drawer

Components are explained following:

(1) Sailing

Use your phone as a display instrument when boating. Sailing shows speed, course and heeling in large letters.

(2) Navigation

Navigate with the map of OpenSeaMap. Create your own routes.


For details on navigation see navigation

(3) Tracks

You may track your trips and view, edit and export you tracks in the tracks component.

(4) Regatta

Regatta start countdown, see details.

(5) Anchor Alert

lets you sleep at night and watches your anchor position. Find details here.

(6) Help

Shows this help.

(7-10) Tracking Control.

Starts and stops tracking in tree different modes. See tracking.

(11) Context menu

A tap at the thee dots opens the context menu.

Context Menu.

Here you

(1) find further settings for some conponents, here Sailing Settings (2) call the general settings settings to set the distance and speed units, choose map type and more, (3) Lock the screen for Sailing and Regatta (see below). (4) call this help pages. (5) and buy the ad-free version.

Lock Screen

In the views Sailing and Regatta you'll find the option to lock the screen here.

Screen lock prevents you from unwanted app actions, for example by water or rain falling at the display. When activated all app-actions are locked and can't execute. Please note that buttons outside the app will still be active.

To exit from screen lock bring the app to the background, rotate the device or hit the device's "back" button.


For the regatta countdown and the sailing view you may enable speech output, meaning that you phone tells you when to start and what's your current speed. Enable speech in the corresponding settings - dialogs of regatta - countdown and sailing.

Sailing View